Come 2012, Blacks Will Show That Obama Is ‘Too Big to Fail’

Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy believes that in the 2012 election blacks will again support Obama at record rates

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In this week’s issue of TIME, Randall Kennedy details why, in black America, Obama is and will remain “Soul Brother No. 1:”

Obama remains widely adored for his intellect and calm, thereby providing welcome relief from pervasive images of brutish African-American masculinity. Detractors—mainly whites—have snidely claimed that Obama is an affirmative-action President. But for black voters, Obama’s personal superiority over his political rivals, in terms of knowledge, eloquence and graciousness, has provided them the gratification of being able, honestly, to scoff at the intended insult.

Of Obama’s black detractors, Kennedy says:

They complain that the President has squandered a historic opportunity—that he has done far too little to alleviate the plight of the black poor, that he has wrongly entrusted economic policy to a Wall Street …

Nevertheless, Kennedy thinks that Obama’s Black base will rise again come 2012. Read the column to find out why.


He still needed the white vote to get in office. now he does not need it so he chimed in on the Zimmerman/Martin case to make blacks happy and show is true colors. A racist in the Oval office who did not bring the country together  he for the approval of blacks who think he was not black enough caused more racial problems. he also hurt future blacks from becoming President, remember without the white non-racist votes no black will ever again be in the oval office in this generation Barrack was the first and last because of the race card BS.