Cartoons of the Week: July 14–20

A tragedy strikes Colorado, but the finger-pointing continues

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Some people are saying that there should be limits on gun ownership.  There should be licenses, insurance, registrations, exams and inspections, just like owning/driving a car.   Because cars are dangerous, and need proper regulation, since driving one is considered a privilege, rather than a right.

Okay?  No problem.  Since those people seem to be confusing rights with privileges, let's put it in terms they'll be able to understand, to illustrate the difference between a right and a privilege.


Gays and lesbians have been shown to have dangerous venereal diseases more often than straight people, so they constitute a danger to society.  Therefore, LGBT people should be required to have a license that allows them to be lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.  They should purchase insurance in case someone contracts a disease that people of their nature have been known to harbor.  They should also be required to perform the various sexual actions of their declared orientation in front of a certified government inspector, in order to ensure their competence in performing those actions.  Because unsafe sex is dangerous, and needs proper regulation, since having sex is a privilege, rather than a right.

Oops!  Wait a minute...ohhhhh, that's RIGHT!  Having sex is a RIGHT!  We can make love to whomever we like, so long as we don't violate the law.  And if we DO violate the law, then we can face punishment!

Well, that was easy?  I bet you were all terrified that I was actually calling for the registration and licensing of LGBT people!

I'm not?  But that's what you're asking of gun owners, and anyone who might want to own one, for whatever reason.  You've confused a privilege with a right. 

Privileges can be revoked for any reason at all, but rights can never be taken away unless you consciously choose to relinquish them, either by inaction, or illegal action.

And regardless of HOW you lost that right, you can never get it back once it's gone.


You can't have a rational discussion with a crazy person.  People who support the unrestricted sale of assault weapons to whoever wants one are crazy.   The cartoon makes a very valid point.   Remember....the man with the gun will kill!!!