Viewpoints: Why I’m Voting for Obama

Four prominent Democrats explain why they support President Barack Obama

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As a Canadian I'm disturbed and disappointed in the direction of the Presidential elections. It's a slam dunk on who should be President as you have amongst you, probably one of the finest Presidents you have ever had. Most of the world looks on at Obama as a leader, confident and compassionate, clear on his vision of the future and a champion of middle class America. And yet the Republicans have managed to turn the elections into a circus, with little in the way of substance or answers for the future. The Super Pacs have enabled the Republicans to funnel Billions in campaign funds to buy this election; that is not democracy and will inevitably only lead to a Bush style era of Politics and Economics, tax cuts for the rich, with little opportunity for middle class Americans.For the world looking on, it's clear who the better candidate is and who can make a difference not only for America but for the world (a Globescan poll for the BBC found 66 per cent would choose Obama, compared to Mr Romney). What's less obvious is why Americans don't see Mitt Romney for what he is, rich and out of touch with "middle class americans". On the world stage and in foreign politics Barrack Obama paints a positive picture not only for the American economy but for the world. Domestically Obama is applying a plan to creating jobs and making America a leader on the world stage. There is little confidence in Mitt Romney, and the future with him, is murky at best. Middle class Americans deserve better and don't need more of Bush style Politics and Economics.

The American people are an incredibly diverse culture that builds on hard work and innovative ideas. With Obama the US has the potential to come out of this recession stronger and once again be a leader in innovative technology (such as renewable resources). The world sees Obama as a symbol of hope for the future, and I hope he is given the opportunity to show what he is capable of!

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I voted for Obama in 08 primarily because I felt I was lied to by the Bush administration with regards to Iraq; squandering a budget surplus & turn it to deficit. Obama hasn't been the bipartisan commander in chief as he promised with his previous bid. In my opinion, he should have focused the first 2 years of his presidency fixing the economy instead of passing the Affordable Care Act.

I'll preface this statement with the cynical statement of "politicians are liars"- however, Romney's incredulous ads regarding car companies moving jobs to China which have been rebuked by both GM & Chrysler as just another reason for me not to vote for the Mittster. I wouldn't want this great nation to be represented by a "liar in chief".


The reasons for the race tightening in Ohio, Florida and Virginia are due to voters rejection of Team Obama's propaganda issues  such as 'auto bail out,' 'tax cut,' Bain' 'FEMA plan' etc., and they are now mainly concerned about national issues such as deep recession, massive unemployment, spiraling price rise, $16 trillion national debt, flawed foreign policy (murder of ambassador, prolonged bloodbath in Syria and the chaos in the Middle East). When America is submerged in trillion dollars debt, Obama has given in hard cash several billions of dollars to the jihadist, militant, and pro-Beijing Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, which is estimated somewhere between $12 billion and $23 billion. In a fiery speech Morsi said before an enthusiastic crowd that the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is “The Koran is our constitution. The Prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” By allowing joint military exercise with fanatical Muslim Brotherhood soldiers, Obama is indirectly training America's enemies how to attack America in a future war. When there is a new axis Tehran-Cairo-Baghdad-Damascus, how moronic it is to allow jihadist Egyptian forces to learn American offensive and defensive tactics. It is also revealed that billions of dollars of taxpayers are being used to build mosques in Nigeria, Zanzibar, Pakistan who are in the forefront to burn churches and kill Christians. These are the factors that are making many pro-Obama states to become pro-Romney states.

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To all Democrats who weren't planning on voting...  Please get out there for those people affected by Hurricane Sandy who can't get to the polls.  Please represent them at the polls; don't throw your vote away!  Also please look at what's happening in Florida... Governor Rick Scott refuses to extend early voting in spite of the very long lines and people waiting as long as 4 hours to vote.  He has the power to do it, but refuses.  He is deliberately preventing people from voting... look at the lines... he is suppressing the black vote!!!  If they were not prodominantly black people on line, he'd bend or break every rule to make sure they cast their vote... it's so obvious!!!  Please go out there and cast your vote for those who want to but can't. 

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I don't even think Romney knows what policies he is for.  For all we know he just wants to be president so he can pick up chicks.


@BorisIII probably one of the funniest comments I'm going to read all year...thanks!

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Okay, in regards to this viewpoint and Romney's viewpoint, why are they quoting a bunch of politicians from their own parties? If I wanted to know what the party platforms were, I'd read them. 

It doesn't matter if Bozo the Clown was running (I'm looking at you Republican Primaries), the party people are going to vote for their party. I don't care what they SAY their reason is. The primary reason is career preservation. Not interest in what's best for the American people.