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A Father’s Anger

Bill Cosby speaks out about his son's murder

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Bill Cosby

Your article on the murder of our son Ennis [NATION, June 2] includes speculation and rumor from two defense attorneys, Darren Kavinoky and Charles Lindner, who for a short while represented the man accused of this crime. Lindner says attorneys in Los Angeles were deterred from taking the defendant’s case because “the word around town from Cosby is ‘Woe unto anyone who tries to profit from my son’s death.'” That assertion is not true. I have never said anything like that to anyone at any time. I believe in, and would never interfere with, a judicial system that wishes to provide competent legal representation for every suspect, including the person accused of killing our son. Inappropriate profit from tragedies, however, can come in the form of defense attorneys’ auditioning to be news-media pundits, people who sell crime-scene photographs (as in the JonBenet Ramsey case) and the publishers of such. I would not say “Woe unto them” but rather “Shame on them.” Shame on anyone who contributes to the ever increasing tabloidization of the American justice system.