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Body Double

Mia Farrow on nudity

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Mia Farrow

Sir: Since you mentioned nudity in your review of the movie John and Mary [Dec. 19], I thought you might be interested in the following example of current studio thinking.

Before filming began, I informed the producers that I would not consent to any nude scenes, and was reassured that there would be none. As soon as my work was completed, a double was hired without my consent, and several nude scenes were inserted. I argued and pleaded with the producers for a period of five months, pointing out that these scenes were totally unnecessary and had been added evidently for the sole purpose of conformity with the current trend, but since I had no legal recourse, I lost the argument.

Since the same treatment was accorded my friend Candice Bergen on another film, I suggest it might be beneficial for actresses in the future to contractually insure themselves against this kind of misguided thinking.

Mia Farrow , MANHATTAN