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Robert F. Wagner talks trash

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Robert Wagner Jr.


As mayor, and in behalf of the citizens of New York City, I wish to register my exception to the statement printed in the Aug 22 issue of TIME, that “New York is still far behind many other cities in its municipal services … with filthy potholed streets and clumsy police.” Today we have the largest police force in our city history, and a report issued by Police Commissioner Francis W. H. Adams just prior to his resignation showed a drop of 13% in major crimes during the past six months, which is evidence of the ability and service of our police …

I agree that an apathetic citizenry contributed to littered streets, but a current and continuing campaign of public education and strict enforcement of municipal ordinances have paid off with a great improvement and a most cooperative public. In trying to keep our city clean, we have more than doubled the number of curb miles of streets swept mechanically at least three times per week … Refuse collections cover 51% of the city’s entire area daily, and the remaining areas have collections three times a week, a peak of service which is unparalleled in any city in our nation … It might also interest you to know that a recent survey by scientists shows that the air in New York City is adjudged the second cleanest of the cities of our nation …