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First-Generation College Students Learn Independence Early

It is not valid to say that first-generation college students are unprepared.

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The process of transitioning to college can be very daunting, especially if the student is not prepared to make such an endeavor. It becomes even more difficult if the student’s parents have not gone through the process themselves, something I, as a high school senior, experienced firsthand. The college and scholarship applications, financial-aid forms, and deadlines were all things that I had to learn about and complete on my own. However, it is not valid to say that these students are unprepared (“What We Can Learn from First-Generation College Students”). While many first-generation college students may lack some of the support that the rest of the student body might receive, they will have an upper-hand in that they have already learned a great deal of independence, which is one of the most important lessons a student can get from college.

Steven Gastelum, Chino Hills