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For the Little People

Raquel Welch on Frank Sinatra

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Raquel Welch and Frank Sinatra

Sir: Your story about Mr. Frank Sinatra [Sept. 21] has done a grave injustice to a man who over the years has done more for the “little people” of the world than almost anyone else in show business. Mr. Sinatra has been a personal friend of my husband and myself for quite some time, and I have had many opportunities to see his concern for the individual. I am sure you will agree that the story of Frank Sinatra’s charitable deeds around the world has been the topic of many conversations. Mr. Sinatra has never asked for recognition of these deeds. In fact, he is embarrassed if they are brought up. Mr. Sinatra, not only for his great talent but also for his civic concern, justly deserves the title the King.