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Moving Toward Clean Elections

Alec Baldwin's foray into campaign reform

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Alec Baldwin

In her observations on the creative Coalition’s effort in Massachusetts on behalf of campaign-finance reform [AMERICAN SCENE, Nov. 10], Tamala M. Edwards drew only a partial picture and overemphasized the impact of celebrity. Edwards failed to state that for all the autograph seekers who appeared, many more Massachusetts residents listened thoughtfully to the Creative Coalition’s presentation of the important points of the issue. They listened, and they signed our petitions. The Creative Coalition, joined by several other New York-based organizations, exceeded its most ambitious projections by gathering more than 8,000 signatures in one day. A clean-elections law has moved closer to becoming a reality in the Bay State, and the Creative Coalition is pleased to be a part of that process.

Alec Baldwin, President, The Creative Coalition, NEW YORK CITY