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Cremation Is Not A Sign of a Drift From Church

Josh Sanburn’s very good piece on the rise of cremations (“The New American Way of Death”) misses a beat when he suggests (without supporting evidence) that cremation is a sign of Americans’ drift from religion. For instance, Mr. Sanburn fails to analyze whether the number of church funerals has declined as the rate of cremations has …

No Headstone Required

When I am gone, my great-grandchildren will not require any physical memorial to me. They can simply look up my Timeline on Facebook.

Charles Irwin, Williamsburg, VA

Why ‘Cutting the Cord’ Shouldn’t Exclude Your TV Screen

Innovators might be bringing live TV to tablets, smartphones and mobile computers, but other start-ups are looking to transform the interactive experience on traditional television screens, a timeless form of entertainment that can never be ‘cut’

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