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Reading Mail In Tehran

A hostage in Iran writes from captivity

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I am writing this letter to your magazine so that it can be read by the largest number of people possible. My fellow Americans and I have for the past eight months been held hostage here in Tehran, and as a result of this our morale becomes quite low at times. One of the reasons for an uplift of that morale is mail sent to us by family and friends. But what continually amazes me is the mail sent to us not only from my country but from people all over the world, whom I’ve never met, wishing us good luck and a speedy return to our family and friends. It is to these very kind and generous people I direct this letter. From myself and my fellow hostages, please accept our deepest thanks for taking the time to show your concern for us in this most trying situation. I hope that you will all continue to write in the future.