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Secular Humanists Give Out Hot Meals Too

I wish to bring attention to Joe Klein's insulting comment in TIME's cover article "How Service Can Save Us."

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I wish to bring attention to Joe Klein’s insulting comment in TIME’s cover article “How Service Can Save Us” in which he writes:

“… there was an occupying army of relief workers, led by local first responders, exhausted but still humping it a week after the storm, church groups from all over the country — funny how you don’t see organized groups of secular humanists giving out hot meals — and there in the middle of it all, with a purposeful military swagger, were the volunteers from Team Rubicon.”

Secular humanist groups have been very active in Oklahoma after the tornadoes destroyed hundreds of homes and caused millions of dollars in damages. That Mr. Klein would use this article as a soapbox to take cheap shots at a huge –and growing — group of people across the United States is an indictment of TIME itself for not editing out such an obvious piece of propaganda that is factually incorrect.

Tim Bannock, Enfield, CT