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Summer Learning Is Essential

The benefits of summer learning extend far beyond reading

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Despite the provocative title, the author of “Do Kids Really Have ‘Summer Learning Loss?” must recognize that the benefits of summer learning extend far beyond just reading a few books.

In our school districts, we see firsthand that summer learning programs are essential to children’s success. They offer a great opportunity for children to learn while having fun, with reading and other academic content blended into engaging projects and activities. For families without the resources to pay for private camps, these programs can be the only chance children have to continue building their reading skills—along with critical social skills in leadership, persistence and collaboration.

As Superintendents from across California, we are working with the Summer Matters campaign to ensure all students have access to innovative, project-based summer learning programs. Every child deserves access to summer learning opportunities that support year-round learning and well-being.

Ron Carruth, Ed.D. Superintendent Whittier City School District, California and Jonathan Raymond, Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School, California