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Ted Kennedy’s Person of the Century

The lion of the Senate on FDR

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Ted Kennedy

Every day in the more than 30 years I have spent in the Senate, we have dealt with some aspect of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legacy. Whether the issue is foreign policy, national defense, Social Security or a multitude of other challenges, there are constant reminders of his New Deal and his inspiring leadership. F.D.R. came to the White House at a time of despair, decline and danger. Like Lincoln, he saved the Union. His first hundred days revived the nation’s confidence, and the genius of his leadership guided us safely through the Depression and world war. His personality exuded vitality and made America believe in itself again. His Four Freedoms set the standard for basic human rights for people everywhere. And he did all this from a wheelchair–forever proving there are no barriers to the human spirit.

Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, WASHINGTON