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The Myth of Munich

Winston Churchill's son addresses history

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Randolph Churchill


In your review of the fourth volume of the History of the Times in your issue of May 19, you refer to “Britain’s ally, Czechoslovakia.” The myth that Britain was the ally of Czechoslovakia at the time of Munich has long been fostered in the United States, and it is regrettable that it should gain new currency in your own authoritative columns. Though some of us thought at the time of Munich that it was in Britain’s interest to fight in defence of Czechoslovakia’s freedom, our country had no more moral or legal obligation to do so than had the United States. The “holier than thou” attitude adopted by some Americans towards the English in regard to Munich is wholly unwarranted, the more so since — a fact seldom adverted to in the United States — President Roosevelt was among those who sent a telegram to Signor Mussolini congratulating him on the calling of the Munich Conference.

Randolph S. Churchill, LONDON