People Who Live In Glass, Fixed-Rate Mortgage Houses …

... shouldn't throw stones at Occupy Wall Street

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• The week started off with more recriminations of Occupy Wall Street for being amorphous, directionless, and not knowing what they want. Bill Keller in the New York Times proclaims that “So far, the main achievement of Occupy Wall Street is showing up.” Easy to say from his perch on the Upper West Side.

• Then Christine Todd Whitman weighed in from her manse in New Jersey, saying that Occupiers are barking up the wrong tree by directing their rage at Wall Street. “If the 1 percent were overleveraged, the 99 percent were spending money they didn’t have. We share the guilt across the economic spectrum.”

• All of which makes me nostalgic for the early days when some rich people thought it was cool to support Occupy Wall Street.