Chicago Ideas Week 2012: Welcome to the Ideasphere

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“Think out loud.” That’s the slogan of the Chicago Ideas Week, a unique event co-hosted by Richard Stengel and TIME magazine, that brings together more than 100 of the greatest minds in politics (Rahm Emanuel, Colin Powell); fashion (Diane von Furstenburg, Elle MacPherson); technology (Steve Case); the military (Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. Stanley McChrystal) and much more for a series of conversations exploring the power of innovation and transformation. Beginning Monday October 8th, will bring you the best of their insights and ideas.

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Among the week’s highlights:

“Democracy—State of Our Union”  (10/8)

Richard Stengel, TIME’s managing editor and an array of TIME’s best political minds including Michael Duffy, Mark Halperin and Nancy Gibbs, will lead an in-depth discussion with NBC’s David Gregory, New York magazine’s John Heilemann, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Houston’s mayor Annise Parker about what makes democracy work at the local level. And with the presidential election heating up, they’ll also look at our political history and how the 2012 race could influence our future.

“Disruptive Innovation: Reinventing Our World” (10/9)

Newark Public Schools superintendent Cami Anderson, AOL co-founder Steve Case, Social Teeth founder Elaine Chang, Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin are just some of the country’s most dynamic innovators who will join TIME’s Richard Stengel for an exploration of how individuals can disrupt the status quo with an idea or invention that refuses to abide by the rules. These  successful “disruptors” will discuss the ways they were able to spur change by taking risks, building new markets and challenging standards.

“Future of News: What’s the Story?” (10/10)

Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti, Jumo’s Chris Hughes, Pulse’s Akshay Kothari and Syria Deeply’s Lara Setrakian will join Richard Stengel in a discussion of how the news industry will change as we become an increasingly social media driven, paperless, and global society. These experts from old media, new media and new, new media will look at citizen journalism, digital media and the future of news as we know it.

Check back daily during Ideas Week, October 8-14, for updates and exclusive content.

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