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In Defense of Drug Treatment

CRC Health Group, owned by Bain Capital, defends its reputation

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In TIME’s Healthland article, “New Allegations Arise at Drug Treatment Programs Owned by Bain Capital”, reporter Maia Szalavitz repeated some inaccurate allegations against CRC Health Group, the country’s largest provider of behavioral and substance abuse treatment, which appeared in Art Levine’s July 18 Salon article, “Dark Side of a Bain Success”.

Mr. Levine and Ms. Szalavitz make treatment seem as though it’s about money. In fact, we believe it’s about helping people — the work- and life-changing treatment to help afflicted children, spouses, individuals and families. Although there are myriad examples and success stories, Mr. Levine and Ms. Szalavitz do not include anything from the thousands of our clients who, after treatment, have repeatedly cited our quality of care, understanding of their addiction issues, and improved family relationships and trust.

The bottom line is that as the nation’s largest behavioral health and substance abuse treatment provider, CRC and its programs have long been helping individuals and families, addressing the enormous national drug crisis and helping people to lead better, more productive lives.  The only “dark side” to our work is that there is not enough treatment provided in America to save every troubled soul with a behavioral or substance abuse problem.


Dr. Philip L. Herschman
Chief Clinical Officer CRC Health Group