Joel Stein Speaks for the 1%

They’re just like the 99%, but they throw better weddings

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This week in TIME, columnist Joel Stein speaks for the 1%:

I’ve met some of the top 1%, and on average, they’re interesting, generous and charming. You know who is in the top 1%? Tom Hanks. You know who is in the bottom 99%? Not Tom Hanks.

It’s not just that we admire the 1%. We need them. The 1% started Time Inc., creating my job. They founded Stanford, where I went to college. They funded Facebook and my mortgage … No one has ever woken up early to gather around a TV to watch a wedding of two 99 percenters.

Read on to find out why Stein thinks the 99%’s “techno-bling dream” caused the recession.